About us 27.9.2023

Ivana Bajgarova

It all started in 2012. I enrolled in a ceramics class to take the edge off of everyday stress. I never thought I’d fall for it. Soon, I couldn’t wait for the next lesson, so I bought some clay and made it at home. First, small decorative objects, and because I don’t like glazing, I started painting them with special acrylic paints. I love luxury interior design and art, so I was often buying Residence magazine, which features luxury interiors designed by world-class designers. As I looked at them, I wanted to have more art in my home, but I also wanted it to be useful. And I thought I’d make a table lamp. I was so excited about it that I made another one, and then another one… Very soon I found out how much joy the lamps brought to people and how positively they resonated with their emotions. That’s when I developed a huge passion for table lamps, but also for art. And I’m very grateful for that.